Champe BB_Jalen Jasper

John Champe junior guard Jalen Jasper earned first-team honors on the All-Cedar Run District boys' basketball team.

The John Champe Knights are well represented on the All-Cedar Run District boys' and girls' basketball teams.

Walter Webb of Champe was selected as Co-Coach of the Year on the boys' team.


Player of the Year: Ethan Wilson (Sr.) Osbourn Park

Co-Coaches of the Year: Walter Webb (John Champe) and Sherman Rivers (Patriot)

First team

Ethan Wilson (Sr.) Osbourn Park

Zack Blue (Sr.) Patriot

Trevor Bounds (Sr.) Battlefield

Jalen Jasper (Jr.) John Champe

James Jasper (Jr.) John Champe

Tyler Savage (Sr.) John Champe

Jordan Radford (Sr.) Battlefield

Manny Ojo (Jr.) Osbourn

Second team

Trey Nelson (Jr.) Patriot

Jackson Ford (Sr.) Patriot

Rahim Woni (Jr.) Osbourn Park

Jaden McKenzie (Sr.) Stonewall Jackson

Michael Goree (Sr.) Stonewall Jackson

Carter Svenson (Sr.) Battlefield

Darrel Johnson (So.) Patriot

Ishmael Carter (Jr.) John Champe

Honorable mention

Chad Watson (Jr.) Patriot

Chance Hollingsworth (Sr.) Osbourn

Jayden Ross (Fr.) Osbourn Park

Tristen Olds (Jr.) Battlefield

Josh Newland (Jr.) Osbourn

Declan McCarthy (Sr.) Stonewall Jackson


Player of the Year: Hannah Williams (Sr.) Stonewall Jackson

Coach of the Year: Chrissy Kelley (Osbourn Park)

First team

Hannah Williams (Sr.) Stonewall Jackson

Kat Jenks (Sr.) Battlefield

Jo Raflo (Jr.) Osbourn Park

Maddie Scarborough (Jr.) Osbourn Park

Zoe Kanti (Sr.) Stonewall Jackson

Elena Bertrand (So.) Patriot

Tatiana Galindo (Jr.) John Champe

Caitlin Blackman (Jr.) Patriot

Second team

Amiyana Williams (Fr.) Osbourn

Katie Lemanski (Jr.) Osbourn Park

Lauryn Moore (Jr.) Patriot

Hannah Osaro (Sr.) Osbourn Park

Maryan Yusuf (Jr.) Stonewall Jackson

Hailey Kellogg (So.) Osbourn Park

Sofia Miller (Fr.) Battlefield

Love Delaney (Sr.) Osbourn

Honorable mention

Reagan Moore (Sr.) John Champe

Amanie Bunchu (So.) Stonewall Jackson

Julia Mitchell (Sr.) Battlefield

Halie Yi (Sr.) John Champe

Anna Tekampe (Jr.) Battlefield

Toyah Goines (Jr.) Stonewall Jackson

Alex Harju (Jr.) Osbourn Park

Kethia Negeleza (Jr.) Battlefield

Maia Williams (Fr.) Osbourn

Taylor Booker (Sr.) Patriot

Briana Griffin (Sr.) Patriot

Sydney Nguyen (Jr.) Osbourn Park

Nataezja Gaskins (Jr.) Stonewall Jackson

Stephanie Taylor (Sr.) Osbourn

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