Jungle TC regionals

The Jungle TC won the girls' team championship at the Nike Cross Nationals Southeast Regional in North Carolina.

Representing Loudoun Valley High School, the Jungle TC raced to boys' and girls' team titles at the Nike Cross Nationals Southeast Regional Cross Country Championships on Nov. 30 at WakeMed Soccer Park in Cary, North Carolina.

Ava Gordon (17:34) paced Valley's girls with her fourth-place individual finish. Ricky Fetterolf (17:54) crossed the finish line eighth and Eise Abbe (18:09) placed 14th for the team champions.

Valley also received strong efforts from Kyra Holland (18:37), Scarlet Fetterolf (18:38) and Ally Talley (18:43).

Carlos Shultz (15:08) placed fifth individually for Valley's boys. Kellen Hasle (15:26) finished 14th and Kevin Carlson (15:32) crossed the finish line in 21st place.

Jeremiah Mussmon (15:45), Mateo Barreto (15:50) and Taylor Ney (16:06) also sparked Valley's run to a team title.

Next up are the 2019 Nike Cross Nationals on Saturday at Glendoveer Golf Course in Portland, Oregon.

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What I know is how many people move to Ashburn for their kids to play football. I know about 25 who've done it. Don't be a hater over a runner vs. a footballer. I remember when after 5 years Da Bridge was saying they were title town, mainly because they had 5 or 8 State Ships - and it was mostly Cheerleading. If Da Bridge had State/Regional and National Championships you'd be screaming from the hilltops how great it was. Please.


I think you might be surprised but I know at least 20 families that moved to Ashburn so their boys could play Stone Brand football.


Love how ignorant some people can be (Wahoo). You don't think they have over 140 kids on the team because everyone from P-Ville wanted to do X country? Really???


Why do you even care anyway? Go root for Ashburn football or something. No one kvetches over that. No on is moving to Purcellville to run. You can go run on your own bikepaths and dirt roads. Go do it.


Who cares? The best runners from around the east coast move there to perpetuate the winning ways. It is NOT home grown talent.


You cannot be serious. No one is moving to Purcellville for their kid to run. Meanwhile, people have moved into the Stone Bridge area of Ashburn or shady transfers for football. One guy a few years ago on Cross Country at Valley - the Dad was transferred to the Pentagon and Arlington isn't cheap. Of course they're going to choose where he would have the best chance - but they didn't sell and move their lives for their kid. You're bitter. The Hunters have been in the area for years. When it's basketball and football people can be accused of "moving" for their sport and it's always called a lie. No one gets rich off of Cross Country.


Wahoowah, I think you would be surprised. I know of at least 3 families with kids currently on the team who moved into the area so their kid could run at Valley. No one gets rich of Cross Country but collage scholarships are a lot easier to get when you run with a National Champion team. At the end of the day it's a risky thing to do but some families still do it.

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