Mahalia Amazigo excels on and off the court at Stone Bridge High School. A first-team all-region volleyball player in 2019, Amazigo participates in several school and community related activities.

Amazigo, a junior, maintains a 4.31 GPA and is a member of the National Honor Society, the Academies of Loudoun Student Council Association and Jack and Jill of America. She also volunteers at Reston Hospital.

Athlete you admire most? Simone Biles because of her perseverance, dedication and athleticism.

Which coach/teacher/mentor has made the biggest impression on you? [Stone Bridge volleyball head coach] Jill Raschiatore has been my teacher, coach and mentor all in one. She truly has impacted my life for the better and I am grateful to her for everything she has done for me!

Most memorable athletic moment? Winning the fastest kid (girls & boys) in elementary school, even with stitches in my foot.

Favorite movie? By far, my favorite movie is the '90s classic Clueless. I just watched it a couple of days ago for like, the billionth time! It is not my favorite for the reasons you may think. Yes, it’s about teenage girls living their best lives, but it's also about love, friendship, and despite the movie title, actually figuring life out as a girl.

Dream vacation? Jamaica because I would want to visit family, eat food and dance to reggae!

Favorite thing to do outside of sports? My favorite thing to do is blogging, which incorporates my passions for writing and fashion.

Do you have any pets? Yes, my furry frenemy nimbus is the family cat! She is an interesting dog-like cat to live with.

Favorite subject? Biology and Algebra

Person you would most like to meet? Absolutely, Michelle Obama!

Favorite TV show? It's a tie between Grey's Anatomy and Criminal Minds.

Biggest pet peeve? Someone underestimating me.

Favorite sports team? The George Mason men's volleyball team

Best thing about your high school? The school spirit, SBOE! (Stone Bridge Over Everything)

Most satisfying sports season? My sophomore season on varsity volleyball was my most satisfying because we went 27-3! We don't talk about those three though.

Favorite musical artist? My favorite musical artist to this day is Khalid, but of course I can't forget the gospel singer I was named after, Mahalia Jackson.

Missing most about school being closed? Seeing all of my close friends and teachers.

Favorite meal? Braised beef bolognese and sweet potatoes with marshmallows

What's on your bucket list? Living in New York City and scuba diving!

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Guest What a wonderful interview, Mahalia! So clear and intelligent!


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