DHS Titans gymnastics

The Dominion Titans (118.025) posted their highest team score of the season as the host school for a four-team gymnastics meet Monday night.

Loudoun Valley placed first in the team standings and Julia Welch of Heritage posted the top all-around score Monday night in a four-team gymnastics meet hosted by Dominion High School.

Loudoun Valley totaled 136.575 points as a team. Heritage (131.225) placed second, followed by host Dominion (118.025) and Rock Ridge (89.475).

Team scores

Loudoun Valley, 136.575

Heritage, 131.225

Dominion, 118.025

Rock Ridge, 89.475


Julia Welch (Heritage) 35.55

Caitlyn Nash (Heritage) 32.3

Kayla Crowson (Loudoun Valley) 32.075

Taylor Hunter (Heritage) 31.5

Jamie Lee (Dominion) 30.15

Sierra Hollerbach (Dominion) 27.725

Floor exercise

Carly Snyder (Loudoun Valley) 9.5

Ashley Bannerton (Loudoun Valley) 9.325

Caitlyn Nash (Heritage) 8.525

Julia Welch (Heritage) 8.475

Kayla Crowson (Loudoun Valley) 8.45

Mirella Savee (Loudoun Valley) 8.375

Taylor Hunter (Heritage) 8.375

Balance beam

Grace Hawk (Loudoun Valley) 8.9

Ashley Bannerton (Loudoun Valley) 8.85

Jenna Haran (Loudoun Valley) 8.8

Julia Welch (Heritage) 8.75

Megan Shamp (Dominion) 7.95

Kayla Crowson (Loudoun Valley) 7.8

Uneven bars

Ashley Bannerton (Loudoun Valley) 8.85

Julia Welch (Heritage) 8.725

Riley Carroll (Heritage) 8.375

Erin Keane (Loudoun Valley) 7.9

Grace Hawk (Loudoun Valley) 7.9

Caitlyn Nash (Heritage) 7.575


Julia Welch (Heritage) 9.6

Avery Goodlin (Loudoun Valley) 8.85

Jenna Haran (Loudoun Valley) 8.8

Taylor Hunter (Heritage) 8.65

Jamie Lee (Dominion) 8.6

Caitlyn Nash (Heritage) 8.6

HHS report: Heritage competed at Dominion last night, finishing second as a team. The Pride will next compete in the Park View Invitational on Saturday at 11 a.m.

Highlights for the Pride:

Julia Welch: 1st on vault 9.6, 1st All Around 35.55, 4th on floor 8.4 and 4th on beam 8.750

Taylor Hunter: 4th on vault 8.65, 6th on floor 8.375 and 4th All Around 31.5

Caitlyn Nash: 5th on vault 8.6, 6th on bars 7.575, 3rd on floor 8.525 and 2nd all around 32.3

Riley Carroll: 3rd on Bars - 8.375

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