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J Smith

J Smith

What’s the difference between McAuliffe and Youngkin on COVID vaccines? Both have gotten vaccinated and say the vaccine can save lives.

Here’s the difference: McAuliffe wants vaccines to be mandatory. Youngkin wants you to be able to decide whether or not to get the shot.


J Smith

Mr. Siker, what people in Loudoun County want is freedom.

We’re tired of elected officials trying to force us to abandon our religious, and for many of us, biblical values.

Last year, Governor Northam and the democrat controlled state congress passed the “Virginia Values Act.”…

J Smith

Here we go again. Our Board of Supervisors once more looking to perpetuate the division of Loudoun County by the color of our skin.

The proposal before our BoS promotes the false idea that Loudoun county is just a small part of a systematically racist country. This is Critical Race …

J Smith

Is anybody happy with the current state of affairs in Virginia?

We’ve had 8 years of McAuliffe-Northam and everybody I talk to can hardly recognize what Virginia has become.

McAuliffe-Northam COVID policies have been a disaster with AARP earlier this year ranking Virginia as o…

J Smith

I wonder if Sen Boysko knows that one of the consequences of the Biden decision to have our military flee Afghanistan, besides stranding thousands of Americans and leaving the Taliban $85B in advanced military equipment, is that he ensured China would have access to the rare-earth mineral…

J Smith

So, we’re told now that the vaccine won’t keep us from getting COVID and it won’t keep us from transmitting it.

Just look at the growing evidence of “breakthrough” cases of people who have been vaccinated and the recommendation that vaccinated people still wear masks.

What goo…

J Smith

J Smith commented on Fasolo: Twenty years later

Thank you Mr. Fasolo for your service to your country.

J Smith

Here’s what H.R 1 “For the People Act of 2021” will do:

- Make it easier to commit fraud and promote chaos at the polls through same-day registration.

- Degrade the accuracy of registration lists by requiring states to automatically register all individuals (as opposed to citi…

J Smith

Well done, Chamber!

This is what a Chamber of Commerce should be doing:

1) Helping small businesses to provide a quality product with excellent customer service.

2) Recognizing our small businesses who are the best at it.

Good work and congratulations to the finalists!

J Smith

It’s true. McAuliffe doesn’t support our sheriffs or our police.

This recent June, McAuliffe couldn’t find time to attend the Virginia Police Benevolent Association (VPBA) state candidate screening event. The VPBA is a non-partisan association that has supported in the past both dem…